Welcome Message from Congress President

Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of AOFOG members, i would like to extend a warm welcome to all colleagues joining 27th AOFOG Congress our special biennial meeting. The implementation of the AOFOG congress this time is hybrid which is the combination of online and on site. This event will be conducted at the The Stones Hotel Legian-Kuta Bali- Indonesia on May 23rd-26th 2022.


During Congress, we bring up the theme “ From Bench to Bedside: Between The Culture, Future, and Technology in Women’s Health”. We believe AOFOG 2022 will offer an excellent scientific program, experience and networking opportunity to discuss the current topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

It is planned that there will be a council meeting at the biennial conference of AOFOG where we will discuss our and your ideas on potential strategy. In addition, AOFOG congress will propose international speakers for sessions at the many AOFOG events - pre-congress workshop, discussion, debate, and controversies. Also a series of exciting social events have been organized to dine, wine and dance. And you would have a choice of memorable tours to explore the hidden beauties of Bali.


Bali has developed into a world of its own. It captures not only what is special about Indonesia, but embodies a unique spirit that can only be found on the island. Indeed there is great deal to experience in Bali that cannot be found in any other place.

The outline for our program schedule will be out. Get the most out of the congress by registering for this event where you will be able to focus on being trained in a particular topic and have the chance to interact closely with our expertise.


It’s time to start spreading the word: AOFOG 2022 in Bali! We hope to see you all there!



Professor Andon Hestiantoro, MD, OG(REI), MPH, PhD


Chair Person

AOFOG 2022, Congress

Welcome Message from AOFOG President

Welcome to AOFOG Congress 2022 website!


On behalf of Executive Board and Council of AOFOG, it is my great pleasure to invite you to the 27th AOFOG Congress which will be held from May 23-26, 2022 at The Stones Hotel Legian-Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

Perkumpulan Obstetri Dan Ginekologi Indonesia (POGI, Indonesian Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology) as a host society has been working hard with AOFOG Congress organizing committee to prepare this Congress. It was originally scheduled for March 2021, but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to be postponed for more than a year. I am grateful to POGI for accepting our decision and preparing again from the beginning.

As you may aware to hold the Congress is one of the most important part among our businesses.


The first congress was held in Tokyo, Japan in 1957 when AOFOG was established. During long history of AOFOG, POGI has hosted the 15th AOFOG Congress in Bali in1993. It was an unforgettable event not only for me but also for all the participants. The Congress 2022 will be therefore a second Congress hosted by POGI in Indonesia and promised to be a wonderful one. As “New normal post-Covid-19”, the Congress will be planned in Hybrid of on-site and on-line. By doing this way many colleagues will be able to join from all over the world and enjoy the academic exchange and learn issues in our field among Asia Oceania regions.


Last but not least, I welcome your participation again to make the 2022 Congress a memorable one.



Professor Kazunori Ochiai, M.D. Ph.D.

President, AOFOG

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